The Bear will be a collection of keen amateur radio lovers, presenters and podcasters, coming together to create a new internet radio station for the modern world. We have no studio, no fixed abode. Instead our presenters will be spread out around the UK, where they will all broadcast from home. The station will be playing various music genres, podcasts and talk shows. It’s this mix of output that we feel makes us unique.

We’re aiming to create a varied schedule to include live talk shows, a daily podcast show highlighting latest episodes from our own podcast network, specialist music shows, interview shows, request shows, comedy shows and special events.

As well as being available to listen live right here on our website listeners will also be able to find us on various apps on their mobiles and smart speakers. Although, at least initially, the station will be geo-locked for UK listeners only.


The Bear will be run as a Society, with membership open to anyone over the age of 17 and will have an elected Board to oversee the station. We’re looking for amateurs and hobbyists who have a wealth of experience in radio, podcasting and events organisation as well as a passion for excellence. But we’re also open to newcomers seeking some radio experience and those who just want to have a go at presenting a show.

We have a Constitution, Agreements with all our presenters and podcasters, Guidelines for behaviour and an Anti-Discrimination and Equal Opportunities Policy. We may be a group of amateurs doing what we love, but we want to be as professional in our approach as possible.


In order to make our plans a reality we need help in raising the funds to get us off the ground, and on the air. 

The money raised from our initial campaign will cover the initial setup costs, specifically the music licensing fees. The PPL and PRS for Music licenses required to keep us legal in the UK will cost us about £210 before we can launch, with a further £277 due in January 2021. This is the money we need to make to make The Bear a reality.

Our aim is that the other main cost, our streaming costs, will be met by membership fess for the first 12 months. We hope that after this 12 month period the station will be making enough from membership fees and sponsorship opportunities to cover the ongoing costs.

Should we exceed our goal then additional money will be put towards marketing the new station and getting started on the second year costs, hopefully allowing us to reduce membership fees.


The Founding member and initial Chairman is Alan Galpin, who holds a degree in Media Studies (Radio Production) and Business Management. He was Station Manager of Fuzed FM (a short term station), the first ever Head of Music and Breakfast Presenter at The Source 1251AM (now known as The Cat Radio), was a producer at Ram Air, has presented on Wire FM and Southampton Hospital Radio as well as being a podcaster for the past 7 years. He is also the organiser of SuperPod, the charity podcast festival he founded in 2017.

If you want more details about The Bear please email [email protected]. Donations can be made right here on the website through our donations page. And if you want to learn more about becoming a member click here.

We hope to launch in Q4 2020, but in order to do that we need your help. Please donate what you can, have your say in what you want The Bear to be and then enjoy the station when we get on air!
Founder & Chairperson

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