We are happy to announce that The Bear has successfully hit it’s initial crowdfunding target, and that we have paid for our first year PRS for Music license, and our initial PPL license! This means we are all set to launch, and a date has been set.

The Bear will officially be on air on Monday 16th November 2020!

Full details of the launch schedule will be confirmed in the coming weeks, including a special live launch show with previews of some of the shows you can expect to hear in the coming weeks and months.

While we’ve hit our initial target there is still further work to be done in raising money for our secondary target. While the PRS license is paid up until next November, our PPL license only runs until their annual renewal in January, so we need some additional funds to cover a full 12 months from then. So if you’ve not yet donated or paid your membership fees, you can still be a massive help to keeping us on air once we launch.


If you want more details about The Bear please email [email protected]. Donations can be made right here on the website through our donations page. And if you want to learn more about becoming a member click here.

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