You are free to choose your own music to play on your shows. We have a PRS and PPL license for internet broadcasting in the UK. This means we are licensed for playing most commercial music releases. 

If you want to check if a track falls under the license, you can check here on the PPL Repertoire Search.

Please note for licensing purposes we require each presenter to submit a playlist for each show they do, using the form below.

All unsigned artists do not fall under the PRS and PPL licenses, so you must get express written permission from the artists to be able to play their music.

And if you don’t have a big library of music to call upon you can borrow ours, which we’ve uploaded to Google Drive….


Our Dropbox includes completed jingles and logos; but also elements that you can use to create your own, like templates, voiceovers and more.

If you want your own jingles for your show you can make them yourself using the files available, or ask for help in the Slack channel. If you want a voiceover by the guy we used you can hire him on Check out Jack White Media on Fiverr.

If you create your own graphics for the show you can also make use of the station colours using the below hex colour codes:

  • Dark Grey – 404040
  • Red – D2232A
  • Blue – 729DA0


You can log in to your email, using the username and password given to you upon joining, at You can also set up your email through your standard mail software, and even to your gmail account.

Check out this guide from Al about how to set the email up to be used within gmail  – Add to Gmail.

Please only set up your personal email within an email client, do not do this with the Requests mailbox. If you want to use the requests email during your show please use the webmail site with the following log-in details:


If you’re new to online radio and need a system to play your music, as well as jingles, then we recommend Mixxx. It’s free for Windows, Mac and Linux! 

Check out for more info and to download. If you’re using it on Windows you’ll also need to install a dll file to activate MP3 streaming, you can find the download link and instructions for that in this guide, which also include help in getting set up.

You can also check out this video guide from Al, which is a general intro to Mixxx and shows how to get online. You can check out the manual for a more detailed guide.


Feel free to come and join our community on Slack, where you can talk with other members, work on projects together, give us feedback or get help and advice. 

(note, the bellow invite link expires after 30 days. I’ll try and keep updating the link, but if you try it and it doesn’t work please let me know and I’ll give you a new one.)



If you want a direct URL for our stream, so you can add it to your own website or share it on social media please use this one:

Our streaming partner is You can find some useful broadcasting guides on their website.


Sort Code: 30-90-34

Account: 31743068

Account Name: Redbridge Raiders Softball Club

Banks are not currently setting up new society accounts, so I’ve made use of this old account which is otherwise unused.


Board Members

The Board has not yet been formed. Until such time as the Board is formed all Board duties will be carried out by The Bear founder, me, Alan Galpin.

The constitution allows me to select the initial Board members, who will be charged with duties relating to membership, finances, admin and more. If there is a particular element that you want to help with please do let me know. 

Once the Board is formed there will be annual elections at our AGM, which will be carried out online. Anyone can run for a Board position and there is no maximum term limit.

Contact Al

The Bear Constitution

Anti-Discrimination & Equal Opportunities Policy

The On-Air Guidelines

Example On-Air Agreement

PRS for Music Licence

PPL Licence